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5 Major Benefits of Group Medical Insurance

Group medical insurance is beneficial in several ways. Firstly, it allows you to provide an important and legally mandatory employee benefit in the UAE at lower cost. The risk is evenly distributed among all employees. Moreover, these plans can be bought without tedious paperwork or formalities, making them popular in the corporate world.

Partnering with the right insurer can help you pass on several benefits to your employees. Take a look.

1. Cashless Hospitalization Across a Wide Network of Hospitals

cashless hospitalisation
A wide network of hospitals offering cashless hospitalization (direct billing) to your employees means that they always have help in medical emergencies. Plus, these plans cover their dependents too.

2. Customised and Need-Based Products for Your Company

Your insurer can offer you customised plans, based on your specific requirements and budget. This is particularly helpful if you are a small or medium enterprise.

3. No Need for Medical Check-up

Unlike individual health insurance, group medical insurance does not require medical tests for the policyholders. The policy can be obtained through a simple and convenient process.

4. Increase in Employee Retention and Productivity

When your employees feel that you care about their well-being, they feel a sense of security, which boosts their morale and increases their loyalty and productivity at the workplace.

5. Multiple Healthcare Services Covered

multiple healthcare services
Apart from hospitalization, group medical insurance offers coverage for outpatient services in clinics, cost of medicines, minor surgery and day care, and more.

In Emirates like Dubai, it is mandatory for organisations to provide group medical insurance to their employees. So, if you don’t provide such insurance, you are at risk of being non-compliant.

To reap the maximum benefits out of group health insurance policies, choose a DHA/HAAD regulated insurer that has a customer-first approach.