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A Comprehensive Checklist to Help You Choose the Right Health Insurance Plan

The UAE is home to the finest healthcare systems in the world. A prominent destination for medical tourism, state-of-the-art facilities, highly qualified doctors and specialists, and high investments in the sector make the UAE a global hub for medical care. Anyone can access healthcare in the country, however, for an expat private healthcare can be costly. This is why, in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, health insurance is a must for everyone.

Tips to Pick a Healthcare Policy

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It is vital to have sound knowledge of the terms and conditions of a policy, including the exclusions to pick the right one. Below is a checklist of benefits you need to look for in a health insurance.

#1 Territorial Scope of Coverage

Look for insurance coverage not only in the UAE, but worldwide.

#2 Extensive Coverage

Ambulance, health check-ups, day-care procedures, medications, hospital room cost, new-born and maternity and in-patient hospitalization are some benefits that must be covered in your policy.

#3 Aggregate Annual Limit

Look for extensive sum assurance, from a minimum amount of AED 150,000 to AED 250,000. This will help you to tackle the high medical cost burden without going into debt.

#4 Diagnostic Charges

The healthcare plan must include charges for X-ray, MRI, CT-Scan, Ultrasound and Endoscopy and similar procedures. You can enter into a co-paying arrangement too, where the insurer pays a percentage of the expenses.

#5 Pre-Existing Chronic Conditions

Make sure chronic existing issues and newly diagnosed diseases are covered in your policy with the least amount of waiting period.

#6 Dental and Optical Benefits

With extra premium, you should be able to avail coverage for dental procedures and optical treatment too.

#7 Large Network of Medical Providers

Make sure you can avail these benefits in many hospitals and clinics across the country.

Ticking off the above-mentioned features can help you find the best health policy. Some other factors to look into could be good customer service, and a hassle-free online application and claims procedure.