5 Value Added Benefits Your Group Life Insurance Policy Can Offer

With group life insurance, employers can assure their employees of financial assistance to their beneficiaries, in case of an eventuality, at a much lower cost than individual policies. It can be a huge factor in driving employee satisfaction. They can work with peace of mind that should anything happen to them, their families will be remain financially secure. This can promote a sense of loyalty towards the company, resulting in increased productivity. Group life insurance can be customised to offer

Difference between Group Life Insurance and Individual Life Insurance

Providing group life insurance as an employee benefit can offer several advantages to your company. When employees receive such benefits from their employer, it can lead to greater loyalty towards the company, increased productivity and higher employee retention. It also helps to attract better talent. Moreover, your company and employees benefit from the lower premiums for group policies. If you are wondering whether a group policy can provide any added benefit over an individual life insurance policy, the answer is yes,