NLG Chrome – Medical Insurance for SMEs

Getting life insurance is always a smart financial decision whether it’s for you, or your employees. However, the rising healthcare costs have not only affected individuals but also those businesses that value their employees and give priority to employee health benefits. Small companies have been most affected and find it difficult to tackle the situation. The cost to cover an employee under the traditional one-size-fits-all group insurance policies has risen almost 200 percent over the last 15 years. This has been the major reason why most of the small businesses are forced to drop the health benefits for their employees. Small business health insurance plans are really necessary to support such organizations.

Being one of the largest health insurance providers in UAE, we offer a wide range of flexible life insurance plans based on the requirements of an individual or an organization. We have an exceptional team who constantly research and update themselves so that they can help our clients in providing the most effective insurance products and services. Considering the fact that every organization should be able to utilize the benefits of the insurance plans, we have designed small business health insurance plans. NLG Chrome – one of the latest addition to our group insurance product, is one such small group medical insurance plan.

We at National Life & General Insurance Co. SAOG (NLG) have always prided ourselves on staying relevant and up-to-date in terms of offering our clients the most efficient possible insurance products and services.

We are happy to introduce the latest addition to our basket of Group Insurance products – NLG Chrome available for a group with 25+ members. Priced very competitively at AED 1950 per member excluding BASMAH and VAT for members up to the age of 60 years, NLG Chrome offers both IP and OP coverage.

This is a pre-underwritten product, set up and administered completely in-house, in partnership with leading healthcare providers like Aster Group, VPS Healthcare and over 1000+ medical service providers.

NLG Chrome

This product is not applicable for:

• NLGIC existing clients (unless approved by our underwriting team)
• Schools and Universities
• Associations and Voluntary Organizations
• Healthcare providers
• Groups less than 25 members and large groups where claims information is available