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About Group Medical Insurance

Insurance coverage is an essential need for every individual. Protecting your employees with a good healthcare coverage helps in keeping them healthy, motivated and more engaged with your business. With years of experience in the UAE, a group medical insurance plan for employees will ensure that they have access to the best medical care regionally.

National Life & General Insurance Company (NLG) is one of the leading group medical insurance providers in Dubai, UAE. Our team members are here to assist you with group medical insurance plans that suit your organization’s needs. Whether you have a small, medium sized enterprise or a large business, we offer customisable solutions for your employees and eligible dependents.

Our group health insurance policy aims to provide the best service with emphasis on competitive premium rates, ease of claims processing and quickest possible disbursal. With NLG, you can focus on the overall growth and progress of your business and be assured of receiving a security blanket that is guaranteed to protect you and your employees in case a medical situation arises.

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Advantages of Group Medical Insurance to An Employer

Employee Retention and Increased productivity – People value jobs that give them a sense of security. A group health insurance will not only give your employees and their families enough financial security, but an overall sense of satisfaction that their employer actually cares about them.

Employee Motivation and Morale – Happy employees make happy workspaces and evidently successful companies! It’s no surprise that the safer and satisfied employees feel, the happier and more motivated they’re likely to be!

Protect them from Severe Health Conditions – Safeguards your employees from life stages diseases, amongst other diseases; the earlier these issues are diagnosed, the earlier they can be treated and resolved.

Enhance their Mental Wellbeing – Many employees are often affected by stress due to either financial pressure or other personal issues which can lead to lower productively levels at work too. Our group health insurance plan will not only safeguard their savings but, also enhance their overall mental wellbeing with the right support.

Eligibility Criteria for Group Medical Insurance
Learn more about the eligibility criteria for various levels to get a group health insurance plan.

Eligibility Criteria for Business/ Corporates

  • Must be a registered and approved business legally by the regulations and guidelines of the country.
  • The business should meet the minimum number of employees criteria to apply for the policy.

Eligibility Criteria for Employees

  • The employee must be working full time and listed on the payroll of the company and ministry of labour list
  • Employee should hold a valid visa issued by the company

Why National Life & General Insurance Co. SAOG (NLG)

  • Stand Alone Health Insurance company in the Region
  • DHA/HAAD Regulated benefits
  • Inhouse Claim Administrator – INAYAH
  • Access to Wide range of networks of hospitals and clinics in the region
  • Customised and need based products based on the client requirement and budgets
  • Simplified and streamlined process supported by top rated reinsurance companies
  • Flexibility & Transparency
  • Reliability
  • Accessibility 24/7
  • Professionally qualified employees(CII, LOMA,III,CAs)

How to Submit your Claim

Our dedicated health insurance claims department is always available to help whenever you require assistance, we also offer an easy claims submission process for a smooth and time-saving experience.

NLG Chrome Network

Access the best possible medical care in the UAE with our exceptional network of medical providers.

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