Group Medical Insurance

Group Medical Insurance

“Health is Wealth”. Insurance coverage is an essential need for every individual. It is the only tool that paves a smooth way for healthcare. The main point of a medical insurance plan for employees is to protect and support the health and wellbeing of staff so they can remain active and productive members of your company. What’s important, it involves no major costs for your organization, but goes a long way in cementing their belief in you. NLG has been one of the leading group medical insurance providers in Dubai. We are truly flexible and can provide you with group medical insurance plans that suit your organization’s needs. With years of experience in UAE, we will make sure that your employees have access to the best medical care regionally. We have got an excellent reputation in providing plans that would help your employees receive the most extensive range of coverage. We know that one size doesn’t fit for all – every organization are unique in their own aspects and hence we have got an experienced team who will analyze your need and provide group medical insurance plan that’s ideal for your organization and its employees.

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Why Choose Us

Stand Alone Health Insurance company in the Region

DHA/HAAD Regulated benefits.

Customer First approach.

Access to Wide range of networks of hospitals and clinics in the region

Customised and need based products based on the client requirement and budgets

Simplified and streamlined process supported by top rated reinsurance companies

Flexibility & Transparency


Accessibility 24/7

Professionally qualified employees(CII, LOMA,III,CAs)

Advantages to Employer

Employee Retention and Increased productivity – People value jobs that give them a sense of security. A group health insurance will not only give your employees and their families enough financial security, but an overall sense of satisfaction that their employer actually cares about them.

Employee Motivation and Morale – Happy employees make happy workspaces and evidently successful companies! It’s no surprise that the safer and satisfied employees feel, the happier and more motivated they’re likely to be!

Protect them from Severe Health Conditions – Safeguard your employees from life stages diseases, amongst other diseases; the earlier these issues are diagnosed, the earlier they can be treated and resolved.

Enhance their Mental Wellbeing – Many employees are often affected by stress due to either financial pressure or other personal issues which can lead to lower productively levels at work too. Our group health insurance plan will not only safeguard their savings but, also enhance their overall mental wellbeing with the right support.